Our Mission

The Mission of Jesus Place Inner City Mission is to promote Christ and His Church in the City through evangelism, discipleship and a variety of outreach programs.


Homeless Outreach

Each Sunday, homeless people, many coming from the county shelter and the county jail, attend worship service and Bible study in NW Atlanta. Organized distribution of food and clothes takes place with the help of volunteers.

Fish House Recovery Program

The “Fish House,” a ministry of Jesus Place Inner City Mission, is a 6-12 month program designed to encourage, equip and disciple homeless men with the goals of achieving quality employment, housing, restoration to family and active membership in a local church body.  Berry Crowe, a 28-year veteran in Christian ministry leads this program.  Clients are studying basic Christian doctrine, actively participating in church, restoring relationships, and developing their careers all while maintaining sobriety in this very vital program.  Out motto is “Fishing for Men, Equipping Men to Fish.”

After School Program

Having completed 8 years of programming in cooperation with the East Point Housing Authority until the closure of Hillcrest Housing Project, Jesus Place is working on a partnership with a local church to house the next phase of our children’s program.  We hope to announce the new location and format soon.

Camp Christy

Each Summer, inner-city kids are taken to North Georgia for a week of impacting teaching and activities in God’s creation. Camp Christy is named in memory of John’s sister, Jesus Place’s #1 volunteer who passed away in May 2004. Christy was an elementary school teacher and well respected by her colleagues and students.

Sidewalk Bible School

Historically, Jesus Place made use of the “Fish Mobile” in taking Vacation Bible School to distressed communities throughout the City of Atlanta each Summer.  We are willing as opportunities present, to partner with churches who agree to do follow-up work in doing outdoor Bible schools in needy areas throughout our city.


Jesus Place invites Juniors and Seniors in college as well as adults to participate in Summer, 8-12week, or year-long internships. Our goal is to expose and equip interns for future work in America’s cities.  Due to current financial challenges, interns must raise 100% of their living expenses / stipend.